Jonglei hands over 65 abductees to Pibor

By Bida Elly David

The government of Jonglei State has recovered at-least 65 abductees formerly captured by armed youth from Jonglei who had recently wedged attacks in Greater Pibor Administrative Area.

Jonglei government has returned the abducted people consisting of women and children to the authority of Greater Pibor administrative area.

“On Wednesday 11th –January-2023, a delegation led by the Deputy governor Jacob Akech Dengdit and Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare went to Pibor town accompanying the abductees. Jonglei state government officials handed them (abductees) over to Greater Pibor administrative area. They are now reunited with their families,” he said.

This development follows directives given by the governor of Jonglei State Denay Jock Chagor after registering a number of attacks and abduction among the youth.

The Jonglei state minister of information told the media that the government recovered the abducted women and children following a thorough negotiation with the armed youth who first resisted the call of handover.

He pointed out that the negotiation delegation was headed by the deputy governor of Jonglei State and the Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare.

He said that the abductees recovered consisted of 24 women and 41 children in good physical health.

“For the past one week, the government of Jonglei State has been in a series of talks with the armed youth who retreated from greater Pibor administrative area,” he said.

Samuel did not narrate on how the abductees were abducted and how the armed abductors were convinced.

John said that the recovery of the abductees by the state government was a sign to the authority of Greater Pibor Administrative Area that peace was the only solution to end grudges.

Samuel said that it wasn’t easy to execute the task but through the governor’s directives the task was easily exercised.

He called on the government of GPAA to remain committed to peace by handing over back some of their abducted youth who face tragedy in the hands of the GPAA youth.

Abraham Kelang, the minister of information for greater Pibor Administrative area confirmed to No.1 Citizen that they have confirmed and received abductees from the Jonglei government with thanks.

“We have received 65 abductees from the government of Jonglei State. We thank the government for having played the peaceful role to ensure that our people are back. We need them to embrace peace among the young people,” he said.

Abraham said that he had not yet confirmed how many children and women are among the 65 abductees but remained committed to ensure proper coordination with the Jonglei government.

However, he called on the Jonglei government to invest more efforts to stop their armed youth who still terrorize some parts of GPAA.

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