Rumbek Commissioner bans alcohol and drugs

By Yang Ater Yang

The authority of Rumbek Central County of Lakes State Rumbek has banned the sale and consumption of both local and international alcohols, including others in the state.

In an exclusive interview with No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Thursday, Rumbek Central County commissioner, Dut Manaak Akuot  commands that all types of alcohols locally produced and imported including dangerous drugs are forbidden in the county.

He warned that any one who disobeys the order will be charged and taken to law.

“Taking alcohol and using illicit drugs is illegal in this state. If you are traveling here, or having party, you need be informed that it is banned in Lakes State. This is so that you don’t get yourself into some trouble while taking a trip to some of these destinations,” he advised.

 “And whoever violated this order will be sent to court of law for selling banned alcohol and smoking dangerous drugs,” the commissioner added.

He assured that “There are local leaders assigned to implement the order in coordination with the organized forces who are mandated to arrest any person who refused to respect this local order.

“It is our collective responsibilities to advocate for banning alcoholic drinks to citizens of this state,” he reiterated. The Governor of Lakes State, Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor, had earlier issued an executive order banning the importation and consumption of certain alcoholic drinks thought to be dangerous by the state. Some of the banned alcoholic drinks are strong gins like star gin and similar drinks, as well as dangerous drugs like Marijuana among others in Rumbek.

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