President Kiir donates SSP 10 million to Torit Diocese

By Bida Elly David

The President of the Republic of South Sudan has given another donation of ten Million South Sudanese and an additional V6 land cruiser to enable the new Bishop of Torit Catholic Archdiocese facilitate his activities.

The announcement of the donation was done by the Speaker of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly who was entrusted to attend the ceremony on President Salva Kiir’s behalf.

Speaking to the congregation on Sunday, Jemma Nunu Kumba the Presidential representative said that the donation shall be sent as soon as all necessary preparations are done.

(As I came, the President also gave his message in form of a support for the new Bishop. As I go home, we are going to send the Bishop a land cruiser V6 and an amount 10,000,000 South Sudanese Pounds for him to start his work in the diocese,” she announced on President’s behalf.

Nunu said that through the support from the government, the Catholic Church should resolve some of the issues affecting them at the community level.

She said that the government through President Kiir demonstrated will towards addressing the inter-communal violence among youth who are herders to ensure that displaced population returned back to their homes.

“We know there are cattle raiding issues among herders. Many people were displaced recently from some parts of greater Equatoria and upper Nile but the government is working towards solving these problems,” she said.

At the same note she echoed that the congregation should ensure complete financial support to the Church since clergies have no remuneration as motivation for their service delivery.

“You the faithful should help the Church. These priests do not have salaries coming from somewhere. Help them with what you can to ensure that the work of God moves on well,” she said.

The President of the Republic of South Sudan during the Centenary of the Catholic Archdiocese of Torit donated 15 million and a land cruiser, six doors to support the new bishop but yesterday another 10 million was topped up to the previous donation.

The previous announcement was made by Barnaba Marial Benjamin the Minister of Presidential Affairs who represented the President last time.

The second pledge by the President has made the congregation of St. Peter and Paul celebrate with cheers the good work done by the President of the country standing with the Church.

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