Jonglei dismisses child auction rumors

By Mary Poni

The government of Jonglei State has disputed rumours alleging that armed youth who reportedly abducted children and women from greater Pibor are selling them (children) on the streets of Bor town upon their return from Pibor.

Jonglei minister of Information, John Samuel Manyuon said the information is a white lie that is being concocted by elements who are anti peace and progress in the state.

“It is untrue. We have so far managed to recover about 88 children and this was an effort through negotiation with the youth,” he said.

“We have no information about anyone selling a child on the streets. So, we call on those who have witnessed it to share with us such that we would be able to investigate whoever does that,” he continued.

The information minister described the purported act as a slavery which is unacceptable and by law it is impossible.

“We will continue to do our best to make sure this person is apprehended, the buyer and the seller,” he responded to the rumor.

Minister Manyuon said they have handed over about 68 abductees last week adding that “tomorrow (Tuesday) we’re going to also handover other 20 abductees to make a total of 88 both women and children”.

The children abducted are between eight and fourteen years of age. He said some of the kids were abducted together with their mothers while some were separated from their parents.

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