Education ministry reverts to old academic Calendar

By Mary Poni

The National Ministry of General Education and Instructions has decided to revert to the old academic calendar, pre-Covid 19 that operated from February to December 2023.

The undersecretary in the Ministry of General Education and Instruction, Kuyok Abol Kuyok in a circular addressed to all Director Generals (D.G) in the Ministry yesterday directed that (D.Gs) that the new academic year will commence on Monday 6th February and ends on Friday 22 December 2023.

“You are urged to make public announcements across all the counties of the States including the administrative areas,” he told the director generals in his letter issued on Tuesday.

Kuyok added that “the national ministry will serve you (DGs) with copies of the calendar to disseminate to the schools”.

He further stated that the ministry will close schools a week for the conduct of the examinations of the Primary Leaving Certificates (PLC) and two weeks for the Secondary Education Certificate (SEC) respectively.

Undersecretary Abol noted that it is important that the schools adhere to the calendar and any school found in its breach will be panelized.

“We expect you to conduct back to learning campaigns in your state and administrative areas. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us,” he stated.

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