Lobong rebukes politicians for using church to cover sins

By Bida Elly David

The governor of Eastern Equatoria state, Louis Lobong Lojore has admonished politicians at the national and state levels against using the Church to cover their sinful acts.

While addressing the gathering during a theological assembly at the pontifical premises of St. Peter and Paul over the weekend, Governor Louis said that deceiving the people and God is not a fundamental thing to do.

The Governor rubbished the pretentious ways of prayerfulness the politicians tend to portray just so that they meet their goals.

“Church is a religious entity that has got nothing to do with political agenda of what so ever kind. As a politician, you need to find your own scope to discuss your agenda,” he pointed.

Governor Lobong said all politicians across the Country need to use Sunday and other religious gatherings to hear the word of the living God and avoid contradicting lies and spirituality.

“Sunday was meant for meditation but not for proclaiming fake political initiatives that are subjected with total lies to annoy the creator,” he warns.

 “Previously we politicians did not want to come to the church because of politics. But now we talk about politics when we go to the church,” he said.

In another note, Lobong discouraged the South Sudan’s dependency on foreign aids – according to him, which cripples the state of production.

He said that South Sudanese were capable of producing enough food for them if they are given good security and the chance to exercise their productive skills.

In continuation Lobong said that when citizens of the Country decry lack of food due to poverty, the government would be in the same situation since it exists because of the people.

“Let us educate our people to be self-reliant and we should not depend on aids. Depending on aids will make us to become slaves for begging all the time. We need to change the mentality of our people on the belief that we are poor and there is nothing we can do. It is not true: we are not poor,” Lobong pronounced.

“We have fertile land for production only what we need to do is to improve the security then our people will be free to farm,” he further explained.

The EES Governor Louis also expounded that government should make sure it resolves the on-going cattle raid to pave a peaceful atmosphere for the citizens.

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