Napwon donates $10,000 to Torit Catholic priests

By Bida Elly David

The national Minister of Environment and Forestry, Josephine Napwon, has donated $10,000 (Ten thousand United States Dollars) to Catholic priests of Torit Diocese.

Speaking during the thanks giving mass on Monday, minister Napwon said the donation was a token of appreciation to the priests for supporting where necessary.

She said that priests in the Catholic Church have been battling numerous challenges because no one pays attentions to their struggles.

The minister warned the diocesan administration to distance themselves from the donation. She said they are only meant to support the Catholic clergies, and it (money) should be given them based on the instructions outlined.

“Our priests are suffering and they receive no support inform of remuneration. I am pledging this sum of 10,000 United States Dollars to be given to them so that they support themselves in terms of buying soap and other basic necessities,’’ she said.

Josephine echoed that the Catholic Church is currently being run by old priests since young people have abandoned to go for this vocation due to the fact that there is no financial gain.

“The priests are now old and young people refused to go to the Seminary to replace the current. Most youth look at this profession as none income generating vocation that contributes no benefit to them” she said.

Furthermore Hon. Josephine reiterated the need for the old priests to be supported in whatever ways to avoid frustrations and professional turnover.

“Some of our priests are so frustrated because of the hardship they undergo. Most of them tend to leave the vocation because they can’t afford to meet their to their expectation. Others develop mental problems because of the difficult life in the priesthood” she said.

She pointed out that the government in conjunction with the community shall work hard towards helping the priests with whatever necessary to carry on with their theological ministry.

Josephine called on the youth to strengthen the priests through theological activities and material support to avoid negativity and abandoning the profession.

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