Jonglei fears looming attack from Pibor

By Mary Poni

The government of Jonglei State is raising an alarm over secretive youth mobilization from Pibor Administrative Area that might trigger yet another massive attack.

According to the minister of information in Jonglei, John Samuel Manyuon, his administration has learnt of an ongoing mobilization of Murle Armed Youth from Greater Pibor Administrative Area with the intention to carryout massive attacks in areas of Jonglei state.

“For us to reach an extent of saying or issuing a statement, that clearly indicate that there is a massive mobilization ongoing”, John Samuel told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on phone last Wednesday.

He said the mobilization is taking place in the areas of Nanab, and Gumuruk, by armed youth from greater Pibor to attack some areas of Jonglei.

“There is evidence showing that it (mobilization) is happening. The leadership in Greater Pibor is only talking about Pibor but they don’t even go to the grassroots level.” Samuel stressed.

“I’m very sure many of them do not know what is happening down in the villages because there is no network. But our sources are the ones telling us about what is happening and we want to let the public know that this thing is happening,” he added.

Minister Samuel Manyuon further noted that he even called his counterpart from Pibor in the morning over the matter and he claimed not to have latest updates from the surrounding areas.

“The leadership of Greater Pibor should tell their youth to stop the mobilization that has been going on for almost five days now,” Samuel reiterated.

On his part, the minister of information in Greater Pibor Administrative Area, Abraham Kelang denied any kind of youth mobilization happening in Pibor – saying the alert from Jonglei information minister is totally wrong.

“We don’t have any mobilization done in GPAA after the two States came to understanding. Jonglei did its job as well as the GPAA government. Since then, there has been no attack recorded or any mobilization,” he argued.

Abraham said there were about 88 abductees handed over to their families in Pibor and since then, they are living happily and celebrating.

“We don’t have any mobilization nowadays,” he insisted.   

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