SSPDF urged to dislodge soldiers occupying civilian buildings

By Bida Elly David

The Ceasefire Transitional Security Monitoring and verification Mechanism (CTSAMVM) has called on the leadership of the South Sudan peoples defense forces (SSPDF) to speedily dislodge soldiers who forcefully occupy civilian buildings following the past civil conflicts that displaced many from their homes.

Speaking during the CTSAMM technical committee meeting yesterday, Lt. Gen. Asrat Denero the chairperson of CTSAMVM said that most displaced citizens who returned to the Country fear to claim their buildings being occupied by soldiers.

He said that the leadership of the army has got full mandate to take legal decisions against its soldiers that still camp in building belonging to certain group of citizens in some areas.

“CTSAMM wishes to remind the SSPDF that continuous occupation of civilian buildings or areas discourages the return of civilians to their villages whom they are supposed to protect,” he said.

Gen. Denero said that there are several violation reports and deliberations that would be presented and discussed by the CTSAAM technical committee in the next meeting.

“There is a good number of South Sudanese returnees who are yearning to claim back their homes but due to fear of uncertainties, they remain in hideouts and displacement sites,” he disclosed.

Gen. Denero commended the SSPDF leadership on the role they play towards protecting the integrity of the nation but pointed out that there is need to ensure total justice against its soldiers that stand against the military laws.

He echoed that upon the graduation of the necessary unified forces, the leadership of the Joint defense Board (JDB) should ensure that total mental orientation and clear logistical arrangement to avoid external loopholes resulting to delays.

Asrat jagged out that the monitoring body will continue evaluating the security situation as far as their mandate was concerned.

Reports from displaced civilians indicated that most of their buildings after the conflict were occupied by the armed officials but approaches to claim back their fittings could not happen due cruelty.

The same report indicated that most civilians do not inhabit in shanty areas without proper livelihood for their living.

CTSAMM therefore warned the army against such act calling them to give them back their properties and stand for their security and total protection.

The monitoring body also raised concerns on crimes committed by some members of the security body stating that the military leadership should also put it as a concern to be analyzed and investigated.

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