SPLM accuses international community for supporting main rival

By Bida Elly David

The Secretary General of SPLM blames the international community for supporting its peace partner, the SPLM-IO.

He alleged that the main political rival is backed up by some members of the international community who stood against the ruling party and the leadership of the country.

This charge was made by Peter Lam, right after the swearing in ceremony to claim his position as Secretary of SPLM at the unity government party headquarter yesterday.

“Some members of the international community tried to contribute into the downfall of the party and its leadership,” he alleged.

“In the area of foreign policy, I want to emphasize what I said before during the National Liberation Council meeting in December last year. The opposition is being propped up by certain members of the international community who have ganged up against the SPLM and the leaders of this Country,” he said.

He maintains that with the intervention of the foreign body into the country’s affairs, the revitalized agreement would not be realized.

“The regime change agenda which started in 2013 is being pursued by some international actors. For that reason, no matter how much an improvement is made in the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement, it is never good enough. Goal posts keep shifting,” he said.

Peter further stated that the sovereignty of the Country has been twisted since powers are taken by foreign body through laws written by them.

“Our laws are being written for us instead of by us. We have no powers to object to certain provisions that infringe on the sovereignty of our people and the state. The SPLM must therefore define its international orientation,” he said.

He said that the globe would not be favorable if the Country fails to identify their true partners in support of their initiatives.

“The world today is a dangerous place and it is even more dangerous when we have not clearly defined our true allies who can commit to stand with us in case of imminent adversity as we enter into the election season,” he said.

He said that the SPLM party had faced numerous challenges majorly on the unfinished business of Arusha agreement which hampered progress of the party for many years focused to wait some of the comrades within the party.

Furthermore, Peter said that contradicting statements formerly emerged from various leaders of the party fueling existing confusion within the entity.

He added the dissolution of the 32 states, death of some members and defection of others to various political parties have also contributed passively into slow progress of the SPLM party as it lacked organization right from grassroot levels.

He underscored that the working environment among the members of the SPLM party has been at a lower cost promising to bring transformation of the party through strong leadership.

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