Education ministry refutes examination leakage claims

By Bida Elly David

The National Ministry of General Education and Instructions has rubbished accusations of leaking examination papers to students across the Country.

This statement came during a press statement on the pronouncement of examination timetable for Certificate of Primary Examinations (CPE).

Speaking during the press conference at the Ministry’s premise yesterday, Awut Deng Acuil, the national Minister of General Education said that the ministry did not participate in leaking of examination of any sort to students.

She warned the public against accusing the ministry for having contributed into examination malpractices; threatening legal actions against rumor mongers over the matter.

Minister Awut said that the ministry played the role of equipping learners with good knowledge to become leaders who would stand for the nation in the future.

She however acknowledged that teachers who formerly involved in examination malpractices were arrested and put behind bars as a penalty to pay for their actions.

“When you say that the same ministry who wants credible assessment of a student is the same ministry that leaks exams then there must be evidence,” she said.

“We have locked some teachers and invigilators who had leaked examination. The national security arrested them and they are in prison right now. It was not the ministry that did it,” she disproved.

“Any Country that needs progress and development must have a right system for assessment of its citizens. They are leaders of tomorrow and we want to help them to exercise their potentials to take this Country forward,” she said.

Awut reiterated the need for the accusers to appear in person with clear evidence showing that the Ministry had leaked exams to students or schools.

She strongly defended her ministry’s staff against any wrong doing – maintaining that they had not participated in the exams leaking saga.

“We don’t have any reason to be the ones teaching and then leaking exams. So why do we put the children to school. We just give them certificates and let them to go where they want to go,” Awut explicated.

On another note, the Minister castigates government school administrations over collection of fees from pupils. She said it is an illegal practice since the government declared free education for learners.

“Any public schools collecting money from learners is illegal. That was why the President mandated his Vice President for Service Cluster to announce that registration for 2023 is to be free,” she clarified.

Awut said that no public school would be allowed to charge even one pound as learning fees from children from pre-primary to primary and secondary schools.

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