Lakes State Parliament breaks for 3 months’ recess

By Yang Ater Yang

The Parliament of Lakes State has announced breaking for 3 months’ recess. The pronouncement was made by Zechariah Puoric Matuong; the chairperson of information committee in Lakes State revitalized transitional legislative assembly in Rumbek yesterday.

While speaking to media, Zechariah said the 3 months’ break will help members of Lakes State Parliament to disseminate messages of peace in their respective geographical constituencies across the State.

“By the way, we have our calendar. In a year, we have 2 sessions and 2 recess. And according to our calendar, we are given retreat and it is there in our conduct of business that the assembly has to go for 3 months’ rest,” he explained.

He enlightened that usually, the speaker communicates to the governor, and then if the governor has given an approval, the assembly will break for recess. He reasoned that it is for MPs to go to their constituencies for consultations with the public, and the community.

The chairperson said MPs have also been tasked to come back with reports about general situations in their constituencies after the three months.

“We in the assembly are representing the will of our people according to our constitution. Other challenges within the assembly are internal issues,” he pointed.

He however, stated that the communities have been sensitized about peace. He said it has started in Cueibet county with UNMISS and maybe it will continue during this recess time. He called on all other MPs to go to their constituencies to disseminate the fruits of peace.

“We are thankful to our governor Rin Tueny Mabor because our communities are living under good security. There is no revenge killing and confrontation within the state. We have really worked hard together with the governor to calm down the situation of insecurity in Lakes State,” he said.

“We have issues only in some small areas that experienced displacement for a number of years. We hope to see normality of the situation. All of us are going to go and work hard to see to it that our communities are resettled back to their ancestral land in Malek Payam,” he expounded.

He said there is already repatriation and resettlement of the displaced community.

“The cattle camps have already been moved to areas of their origin. And maybe the whole community will move to their original places. Everything will be okay,” he said.

“We were also having an initiative of raising money from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). As stated in law, we should have a fund for constituency development. But currently, we do not have that cash. Even the national assembly does not have it because it is a revitalized assembly which is new,” he pointed.

He said all of the developmental issues that were implemented by NGOs have stalled because of the war in Ukraine and Russia.

He said the government is trying to embark on constructing feeder roads and other developmental activities in the state.

“In my experience and knowledge, CDF was made available for every constituency back in 2010. We had really utilized well. Work like building Abukloi Secondary School in Rumbek Central County was done through CDF,” he recollected.

Matuong further revealed that there was scholarship program for students to go and study in the neighboring countries. According to him, he still has the documents for the sponsorship.

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