Mayor sharpens blades against sex workers

By Bida Elly David

The mayor of Juba city Council has set a security strategy to dig out sex workers and their customers in a bid to stop prostitution and drug consumption in the city.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, H.W Michael Lado Allah-Jabu the Juba city mayor said that it has come to their attention that many young girls across the Country have become sellers of their bodies due to financial challenges.

Mayor identified Jebel, Custom as scopes with high rate of prostitution centers saying that general operation shall be undertaken to mitigate the act.

He said that the business is very terrible that it would contribute in tarnishing the reputation of the young nation as young girls would venture into the business hence promoting immorality of all kinds.

 “Some Countries have made prostitution legal but for now South Sudan has not legalized it. Therefore, we are going to arrest sex clients who shall be found in the operation with the sex workers. We will also warn landlords who lease their buildings for this business,” he said.

Mayor Allah-Jabu underscored that the erection of the local lodges into prostitution Centers in the middle of markets have spoiled young girls and the shape of the market.

“The establishment of local lodges and structures for prostitution by foreigners especially the Ethiopians and the Eritreans is not allowed and illegal. We will expel them from doing such activity,” he threatened.

He said that sex business has been identified as one of the practices with a high risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections, therefore it should be discouraged.

Moreso, Juba city Mayor further demonstrated that time will come when prostitution would be legalized but will be reduced to certain level.

“If South Sudan accepts inclusion of prostitution business into the law, we will respect it based on the fact of setting it in an organized way through the Ministry of Gender and Social Welfare. For now, we are still discouraging it,” he said.

At the same note, Mayor Allah-Jabu also said that consumption of other drugs by young people have contributed to immorality as they tend to hunt for sex workers at their scope.

“Countries such as India where prostitution is legal has been under the protection of social workers who restrict the act and ensure total protection against their right but we discourage it for now until further notice,” he stressed.

In a separate development, the Mayor said that they have set a joint operation to end the on-going killing and attacks carried out by the organized gangs in that city.

Allah-Jabu also confessed that one of city council police officers was humiliated through slaps and beatings by the niggers following security operations in Lologo.

“One of our officers was beaten and slapped by the niggers who brutally paraded to fight the authority. They were two hundred in number and we had to call for the tiger forces to intervene into the scenario,” he cited.

He concluded that security operations against the niggers would not be withheld but rather continue until they are leveled.

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