NGO conducts concert for Peace in Tambura

By Alex Digi

A National Organization called Rescue Initiative in South Sudan this week, Monday conducted a public concert for Peace in Tambura County of Western Equatoria State.

The concert titled “Health for Peace Concert”, brought together four groups of Tribes namely; Azande, Balanda, Dinka and Jur Chol (Luo), the group of four tribes came together to dance and interact for Peace and stability in the county, the concert also offered testing for HIV.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Rescue Initiative Community Health Peace Event Manager Mr. Tobijo Denis Duku said, the purpose of the concert was to bring the four tribes in one place so that they would be able to interact with each other, so that the communities are able to interact and dialogue for Peace.

Tobijo called on the donors to support the program because it can promote and bring sustainable peace among the communities in the areas of Tambura and Nagero.

“This time you see all the four tribes are in one place, we have seen that there is impact for citizens, so to our donors we need this project to continue because if the communities are able to sustain the peace, they can keep peace, they understand themselves without any external support, it is important,” Denis said.

There has been an inter-communal conflict between Azande and Balanda in Tambura which led to loss of lives of people and thousand others displaced and many properties destroyed.

Some citizens who spoke to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper said, the program has big impact on the community on peace.

Rose Andrea Dumbata, a community member from Zande Tribe said, she was able to dance together with other tribes like Balanda which was very difficult to do before. She appealed for people who fled the area to return back home as peace is revealed.

“Tambura now is peaceful, we are staying together with Balanda and Zande, Jur and Dinka dancing without any problem, we are living together,” she said. “People who fled to Ezo are coming back, I am still in camp because I am constructing my house and the grass is not enough, we need help to go back home,” she lamented.

Justin Julu Nyisa another citizen from Balanda Community said he was very happy with the program, and called on the citizens not to be mislead by politicians.

“My name is Justin Julu Nyisa, I am from Balanda group, we have learned a lot in today’s program, the most important thing I learned is how people can be able to bring peace and live together with others, that people should live in cohesion, people should live to see each other as brothers and sisters, Balanda should see Zande as Balanda, and Zande should see Balanda as Zande that is the major issue I learned today here in Tambura,” said Julu.

“The second thing is, we South Sudanese, we should take care of ourselves, all the confusion which is going on are coming from politicians, we the youth should not only be accepting what is coming from politicians, whether they are paying us or bring what, we should analyze it before taking action, so that we should not regret the decision, I need us the citizens of Tambura to live as one people, see what happened, our children now are not studying, our wives now are suffering,” Justin concluded.

According to the Organization, the concert will be conducted at every end of the month in Tambura and Nagero County to promote peace.

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