Young politician slams state governors over insecurity

By Bida Elly David

An upcoming young politician and former guild president for Upper Nile University has slammed some State governors over the rampant insecurities across the States and using of youth to destroy communities across the Country.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, Emmanuel Ladu Kose the former students’ leader said that some state governors are much focused on recreational travels, issuing decrees and appointment without guaranteeing good security for their own people.

Kose said that continuous communal violence, destruction of the society by cruel gangs or criminals have been practices that have hindered development in most states.

He pointed out that most governors in other states leave their places to stay in the capital city failing to attend to the problems facing their citizens in their states.

The promising younger politician said he was concerned about young people being used by politicians and community elders to kill and attack themselves urging them to turn deaf ears into their evil call.

He underlined that provision of good security by state governors in protection of their citizens and their properties has failed since cases of killings and looting keep hiking daily.

Kose highlighted Central Equatoria State deadly saga that transpired in Mangala, Lainya, Lobonok, and Nyerjebe where cattle herders brutally killed number of people and displaced many from their livelihoods.

He underscored that failure to address such matters has been a clear indication that the governors lacked competency in addressing issues concerning the lives of their people.

Kose also cautioned young people against accepting offers from political governors in the name of executing destruction such as killings of their own people.

He further traced out the recent killing of boda-boda riders by unknown groups of crooks in Central Equatoria State as part of failures of the state government.

The youth leader further stressed that State weakness has also contributed to formation of new gang groups of different kinds waging attacks against civilians escalating the security situation further.

“Not only these community conflicts in Juba city and other states are trending but also recent cases of killing boda-boda riders in Gudele block 4 and Munuki block C where two riders were gunned down. Gang star groups are rising seriously causing harm to the community,” he said.

Kose however appreciated the governor of Eastern Equatoria State and that of Lakes State for having played a bigger role towards transforming their places into a peaceful environment for their own people.

“There have been different conflicts in Eastern Equatoria State particularly Magwi, Nimule just to mention a few. The leadership of Eastern Equatoria State under governor Louis Lobong Lojore stood up firmly to overcome the situation for the sake of peace,” he said.

Kose therefore called on the Central equatorial state government to strengthen the security through practical eviction of cattle herders back to their places of origin to mitigate conflicts.

“The governor of Central Equatoria State and others should strengthen their capacity in responding to security matters and cattle herders should return back to their places of origin to avoid conflict between the communities and the herders,” he said.

He also called on the youth to embark on what could generate for them income instead of killing their own brothers and sisters.

He finally appealed to young people to distant themselves from leaders who use them in the name of causing destruction to the society.

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