Government declares public holiday amid Pope’s visit

By Bida Elly David

The government has declared Friday the 3rd– February-2023 as a public holiday for all institutions across the Country stating that the day will be meant for honoring the papal ecumenical visit with his Counter parts.

This the public holiday was announced by the minister of information and government spokesperson, Michael Makuei  Lueth after the Council of Minsters’ meeting approval. This shows the government pays much focus on the ecumenical visit of Pope Francis and his Counterparts to South Sudan.

Addressing journalists after the cabinet meeting on Friday, Minister Makuei said that no institutions shall undertake services of any kind during the papal presence in the Country.

He said that citizens are advised to maintain order and security in a bid to respect the presence of the Holy Father on his peaceful and ecumenical trip to the Country.

“Friday is declared as public holidays so that people go and receive Pope Francis and the other two who are coming and secondly to make them free of the reception. However, people are advised to be normal not to cause crimes but they will be expecting to see and receive the pope” he said

Makuei further added that the program is well set that the on the 3rd-Feb-2023, the Pope will be in Juba with the Arch-bishop of Canterbury and the moderator general of the church of Scotland and upon their arrival they would proceed to the office of the president where they will be received.

He added that after the presidential reception, the pope will be escorted to the Vatican embassy where he would be putting up in blue while his counterparts shall visit their places.

“The pope will be greeting all the people who will be there of course the diplomatic cops being people who will be there. In the morning of the fourth, they will go to their respective churches. The Pope will go to St. Theresa Cathedral and the Archbishop of Canterbury will go to All saints Cathedral and the moderator general will be going to the Presbyterian church in Jebel” he elaborated.

At the same note, Minister Makuei echoed that the Pope and his counterparts shall meet the displaced people at the freedom hall.

“After meeting the displaced people in the freedom hall, the Pope and his counterparts shall conduct the final ecumenical prayers at Dr. John Garang’s Mausoleum where people are expected to be there at six,” he said

Minister Makuei further added that a final mass shall be conducted on the fifth date as the holy men of God shall be preparing to set off their journeys to their places of origin.

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