King sends peace message ahead of Pope’s visit

By Jackson Gaaniko
His Majesty Atoroba Peni, King of the Azande in Western Equatoria State has sent his message of peace to the faithful in South Sudan, a head of Pope’s visit to the country.

King Atoroba Peni Rikito in a press release, is urging the People of South Sudan to embrace peace and have the spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness as they prepare to receive His Holiness Pope Francis.

“I am calling upon people to Embrace the values of moderation, to fulfil the impression of knowing one another and to raise awareness of togetherness” King Atoroba stressed.

“This year is the year of blessings, all what we can do as faithful and followers of God is to embrace the spirit of Reconciliation and Forgiveness in South Sudan” His Majesty added.

Pope Francis is expected to visit South Sudan early next month before proceeding to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Earlier this week, the Vatican ‘Technical Advanced Team’ landed in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, to assess the preparation for the Papal visit which is expected to take place from February 3rd to 5th.

His Majesty Atoroba Peni made his statement during a press release in the palace last Friday (on 27-1-2023) in Yambio Western Equatorial state.

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