Awerial County allocates land to Dr. John Garang Memorial University

By Yang Ater Yang

Authorities of Awerial County of Lakes State have allocated a 1000 by 500 piece of land to Dr. John Garang Memorial University as agriculture, education and environment colleges.

The allotted piece of land was handed over to the Vice Chancellor of Dr. John Garang Memorial University last Monday.

The commissioner of Awerial County in Lakes State, Philip Mawut Garang expressed delight for the establishment of the University in his county.

“Dr. John Garang Memorial University that started in Bor has come here in Awerial County. I am very grateful for the team that made it possible. This land will help the college expand,” he expressed.

“Some people were saying the land should not be given, it belongs to the community. But what we are doing is the development of the community. So, nobody should object and say that this land should not be given to the university,” he said.

The Commissioner assures the university administration that if they want more lands, it will be provided any piece of land in Awerial County.

The Vice Chancellor of Dr. Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology, professor Matoch said that the land allocated will be for a multipurpose use.

“We are targeting agriculture; we are targeting production of food. As a university of science and technology, we would like to train people to make research, and analysis to create goods and services to the people,” he said.

“We need to train our students on commercial production so that the university can sustain itself in that area,” he said.

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