Police brutalize Yirol East Chief

By Yang Ater Yang

A prominent chief from Yirol East County of Lakes State is recovering after being brutally tortured by the police in Lakes State.

The state authority has confirmed that they were investigating the inhumane act by the law enforcers in the notorious Maburzeet detention facility based in Yirol West County.

The Chief, identified as Andrew Madut Buoi is said to have been summoned and tortured on his arrival in Maburzeet incarceration facility by the police authorities there last Sunday.

The acting Governor of Lakes State, Poth Madit Dut, told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Monday that he has ordered an investigation into what led to manhandling and torturing of Chief Madut.

“The information we got on the ground confirmed that the chief, Andrew Madut Buoi has been tortured by the soldiers in Maburzeet. But I have immediately ordered an investigation into the cause of his torture. It is the investigation that will tell us what the reason for his torture by the soldiers was about,” he said.

“The torturing of sultan Madut Buoi is unfortunate and investigation is ongoing,” he added.

The clinical officer in charge of Yirol hospital administration in Lakes State, Angelina Adut Agol, established that Chief Madut Buoi is brutally tortured and is admitted in Yirol West County hospital.

She said Madut Buoi was suffering from severe bruises on his body and his face. She added that he was given normal saline, antibiotics, and oral drugs. All his organs have been scanned and the results are promising.

“When he was brought unconscious to Yirol hospital, we put on normal saline with cannula, and some injections were also given to him. All of his organs this morning were scanned. They are normal. No organ is hurt or hit during his beating. But he sustained serious wounds on the face and other parts of his body,” she revealed.

Angelina said Buoi will remain for medication until he gets discharged from the hospital; however, he will continue taking oral antibiotics while at home.

The son of Chief Madut, Makur Madut Buoi confirms the ordeal that happened to his father, however agrees that his  condition is stable and doctors are still resuscitating him in Yirol West county hospital.

“My father was called to come to Yirol West County while he was in Pagarau Payam of Yirol East County. And on his arrival to the authorities in Maburzeet prison, the soldier identified as Makuei Chieny, a captain, started to beat my father using a gun until he became unconscious and was brought here to Yirol West County hospital. He was even unable to speak to people,” he said.

Makur said that his father was brutally beaten because of cutting mahogany trees in the area, even after having possessed a license from the State Ministry of Forestry in Rumbek.

“My father is having a valid license from the ministry of forestry – which authorized him to cut mahogany trees in Yirol East County as timbers for his house”, he said.

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