Renegade Buay in horror as Mayom authority trashes blames

By Bida Elly David

The County commissioner of Mayom County has slammed accusations labelled against them by Gen. Stephen Buay on the account of detaining twelve payam government officials over alleged displacement of civilians.

In a press statement extended to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, John Bol Mayak, the commissioner of the County said that Buay’s accusation was a propaganda meant to tarnish the image of the authority and destabilize the public.

“This statement issued by this renegade Stephen Buay is not true and has no any credibility from the public. There is no any single payam administrator detained up to date in Mayom County and also there is no any civilian being prevented to go to the neighboring state as claimed by him,” he said.

He said that the civil population in Mayom County has the right to move freely to anywhere for their national duties.

Commissioner John said that Gen. Buay has no political objectives rather than terrorizing the community by his act against humanity.

“Buay does not care about the welfare of the people he inherited from and he is well-known for his back-bite since 1998 where he rebelled from SSUM/A and attacked Panhial, Ruat and Majong Amal,” he said.

He slammed the renegade against bearing no historical background of liberation focusing much on his rebellious attitude against innocent civilians.

He accused Buay’s forces against communal clashes over land disputes in Twic and other areas.

John further said that the same renegade was responsible in fueling the murder of the late commissioner and his body guard two years ago.

“Buay is prompted to detract the insecurity in the County and went further mentioning the name of the presidential advisor on national security affairs and the governor of Unity state on the social media,” he said.

However, he said that the County commissioner will continue working regularly to ensure positive welfare of the citizens at all levels.

He finally called on the citizens to be calm noting that the security situation is normal and calm.

Renegade Stephen Buay was a military break away General who was formerly accused of a deadly homicide against prominent figures in Mayom County of Unity State.

The general was ex-communicated from his rank following a claimed rebellion that resulted into blooded shed and displacement of innocent citizens from their homelands to refugees.

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