Kajo-Keji bleeds in hands of cattle herders

By Mary Poni

The County of Kajo-Keji is shocked by cattle herders from Bor for attacking the people of Kajo-Keji in the name of revenging back the killing of their cattle in the County.

The commissioner of Kajo-Keji County Phanuel Dumo confirmed to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday on phone that they are looking for the people laying on the ground in the sites of the incident in Likamerok Boma of Lire Payam.

“We are looking for the people laying on the ground where the incident happened in Likamerok Boma but up to now they are nowhere to be found,” Dumo said.

Phanuel described the situation as scary, it is a very serious incident that has never happened before.

“We do not know who has started and why yet we were yesterday holding meeting on the security arrangements to evacuate the cattle including the herders,” Commissioner Dumo said.

During the meeting, the commission of Bor, Jonglei State gave the cattle herders maximumly seven days to start evacuating from Kajo-Keji County and instead the people got shocked in the morning to learn that herders attacked civilians in Lire Payam whereby others were shot dead at spot.

The delegation from Bor, Jonglei State includes the Commissioner of Bor, the Minister of Peace building and the advisor including those from the CES government.

Phanuel said that the issues of the insecurity in Kajo-Keji have been caused by them (Dinka Bor cattle herders).

According to him, it was at around 5:30 am, rumors circulating that the herders were saying they were attacked but when they were asked to point about the attackers, they couldn’t say anything (they do not know).

Phanuel said after their (Dinka Bor) rumors, they went on randomly attacking and killing innocent civilians.

“We are trying much to collect full data to identify who is in the scene where the fight started but at the moment, we cannot judge thought we are looking for the people who are killed,” he stressed.

The death toll was about twelve meanwhile some who got injured in the attack were rushed to the main hospital in the County (Mundari Hospital).

According to an untold source, the first force that was sent to calm the situation instead were arresting civilians not the cattle herders, however, the most affected places are Mogiri, Bajur, Likamerok, Diju and in other parts of Lire Payam.

Some weeks ago, a video of cattle being killed was seriously circulating in the social media stating that it was happening in Kajo-Keji but lastly, it was confirmed a propaganda and was rubbished by the Commissioner Phanuel Dumo in a press statement that the video was not taken in Kajo-Keji and no cattle in the County were shot by either of his people.

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