Kitgum avails Sh157 million for 16 km road

By Martha John Savio – Kitgum Uganda

Kitgum District works department has embarked on the rehabilitation and maintenance of 16 km road from Oriang Ujuma to Kitgum Matidi.

The development of the stretch of the road was kicked off during a ground opening ceremony launched last Wednesday.

While addressing the crowd during the launch from Kith Matidi village, the District Engineer Pico Willy said the 16 km road opening was supposed to be worked on since last year’s financial budget, but it was not worked on due to some challenges.

He said the government had given 157 million Ugandan shillings only to rehabilitate and maintain the 1 km road which will be a periodic project for only 3 months. The construction work begun yesterday Thursday.

The Sectary of Works and Council 5 of Namukora Sub County in Kitgum district, Kilama Richard Dick, said the 16km stretch had been an issue since last year and whenever he could go for talk shows over Radios, the road, people would often complain about it.

“Now that work on the road has started, let the community embrace and appreciate the government for listening to you, and fulfilling the will of the people,” he said.

The Chairperson of Kitgum Matidi, Oketa Yot Aroo said at least a bridge should be installed to Link Lumule, Oriang and Pybony to Kitgum Matidi as it is the sub-county and main office to the community.

Sub County chief, Oroma David Jimmy on his part called on the community and workers at the site to be peacefully coexist in order to coordinate in bush clearing, culvert work, and filling of potholes for the success of the project.

He said the Community Development Officer will check on the wellbeing of the workers and community. The chief urged the sub county fund should be used properly since it is only marathon and the next work will be for the next financial year.

The LC1 of Pyi Bony village Kitgum Matidi, Ojera Alex said the major problem the community faces is that in many occasions, community workers are not paid by those responsible for the road projects.

The Residence Commissioner (RDC) of Kitgum district, Segawa Jimmy Ebil countered that; sh.157m is a huge amount of money which has to be accounted for properly.

“The government works for the good of the people by delivering services.  But if the work is not fully done, it means there is no accountability,” he stressed.

He cautioned the community to monitor and be the eyewitness to the district leaders in terms of how the work is carried in terms of speed in works, theft cases of fuel and machines.

“Works like this need collective efforts. The leaders of Kitgum Matidi need to mobilize the community and ensure that the road is maintained. There should be no misuse like dumping garbage anyhow along the road, and dragging tools on the roads like hoes that can spoil roads.

In response to the complain of the LC1 of Pyi Bony village, the RDC directed the local leaders to register any worker whose wage was not paid and bring the list to the office of the chief admin officer for clearance after having rendered the service required.

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