Nun treks all the way from Rumbek for Papal occasion in Juba

By Bida Elly David

A 60-year-old Catholic reverend sister has reached Juba town following a nine day walk from Rumbek Diocese to attend the ecumenical occasion of Pope Francis.

Speaking to the Media, Sister Lidia Raymond a nun from the evangelical congregation of Mary said, they are theological soldiers who are not afraid of death rather believe in God – aiming to shame the devil.

Sr. Lidia stated that she and the team never lost energy right from the moment of departure due to happiness and self- confidence they have in the Lord.

“We never felt hungry and tired, but remained focused on our journey to witness the coming of the Holy Father. This trip to Juba is like a journey to Jerusalem to witness the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ,” she said.

She added that her sacrifice to walk on foot to Juba was in a bid for everlasting peace to the people of South Sudan.

Sr. Lidia called on South Sudanese to surrender their guns and embark on peaceful activities that would unite them as brothers and sisters before the Lord.

“I am entering Jerusalem, Juba city to meet the Pope. I am tired but I am joyful. I feel very happy since joy is in me. We are walking for peace and South Sudan will have peace,” she said.

She called on the policy makers to seek for forgiveness from the Lord amid the coming of Holy Father saying that war could not make a positive move but destroys.

“They have been fighting for many years so for that reason, we need to surrender. Let people surrender their guns and we walk together for unity in order to build our Country South Sudan,” Lidia said.

The Reverend Sister said that availability of food and water becomes valueless if you believe in the Lord Jesus.

A good number of Catholic faithful and other Christian believers took off from Rumbek to Juba in order to attend the ecumenical mass of the Bishop.

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