Pope Francis in Juba for ecumenical peace pilgrimage

By Bida Elly David

The head of the Universal church (Catholic) His Holiness Pope Francis and his accompanying delegation yesterday landed safely at the Juba International airport to fulfil the long awaited pilgrimage trip of peace to South Sudan.

Approximately 50,000 South Sudanese from different States with different denominational background including high government officials turned up for the theological and spiritual reception of the Holy Father and his accompanying team from the air airport.

Clerically, good number of monks and nuns as well as pastors from different dioceses and congregation turned up in a huge number for the comprehensive reception of Pope Francis alongside his delegation team.

Juba international airport was very angelic as the clergies such as Cardinals, bishops, priests, deacons as well as the Legion Mary were in the shape of doves.

There was joy and happiness when the crowed witnessed the presence of Pope Francis following procrastination of his coming that would have happened last earlier.

In a huge procession, the pope was accompanied by the walking believers to the presidential palace for the commencement of his first session of pilgrimage.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday upon the papal arrival, Sarah a nun belonging to the sacred heart of Jesus’s congregation busted with joy after witnessing faithful presence at the airport.

She said that the presence of Pope Francis should transform South Sudan from the state of bleeding to believing so that peace is embraced.

“We only need peace. The coming of the pope to South Sudan should be a symbol of forgiveness and unity. South Sudan has experienced a lot of killings. We should throw our guns away and work towards forgiveness. Peace is what we expected and hoped for!”’ he said

Sarah said that the Catholic Church plays key role in bringing peace to nations noting that through the power of the Holy Spirit the killing across the Country would be mitigated.

Holy Father received huge welcome through traditional songs by various group as well as liturgical songs from the welcoming choral group of the Catholic Church.

His Holiness alongside his Counterparts from other denomination would have visited South Sudan last year but due to his knee condition, his visit was postponed until his recovery.

According to the Catholic committee for the papal reception, Pope Francis shall not visit the displaced civilians at the PoCs in person but will use freedom hall as the major scope to make a communique to some few IDPs including persons with disability.

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