Bishop Ameyo solicits papal piety for South Sudan

By Bida Elly David

The Metropolitan Bishop of the Catholic Church, Stephen Martin Ameyo Mulla, has pleaded Pope Francis to always intercede on behalf of South Sudan during his devotions.

The Bishop called on the Pope to pray for South Sudan on the conversion from the constant killings, destruction of assets, as well as displacement of many across the nation.

While addressing the congregants during the ecumenical mass at Dr. John Garang’s mausoleum yesterday, the Catholic Bishop said that the continuous killing in South Sudan has totally deteriorated the economic progress of the nation.

“Your holiness, we share your fatherly concerns for the restoration of peace in our Country. War has brought the indiscriminate destruction of human life and assets such as homes and livestock. We have experienced looting, raping, economic deterioration displacement of countless people,’’ he said.

“With the negative impact of the civil war against the innocent people, there is much need to transform South Sudan from the Center of bloodshed into a peaceful and sustainable environment for all,” he appealed.

Ameyo further commented on the papal kiss on the country’s leaders back in 2019; saying it was a symbol for them (differing leaders) to bring peace and Unity among the citizens of South Sudan.

“There is still much needed to be done in order to bring total calm to the broken nation,” he recapped.

Stephen however added that despite the civil war that displaced many Christians in Sudan and South Sudan, the church has grown to a higher level.

“One can say it is better to have peace than to have war, because war destroys where peace is built. Nonetheless, despite the negative impact of the civil war in the country, the church has grown. The Church even celebrated one hundred years of faith,’’ he added.

Ameyo also stated that the Catholic Church has contributed to the more than half a century long liberation struggle for the independence of South Sudan through its martyrs who are long gone.

“Our church has produced great religious figures like St Daniel Comboni, and St Josephine Bakhita. Adding to that during Anya-Nya One also were, William Deng, Fr. Santurlino Ohure, and Fr. Lopoldo Anyuar,’’ he affirmed.

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