Youth shouldn’t be deceived or forced to kill: Bishop Justin

By Bida Elly David

The Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, has called on the young South Sudanese people to desist and reject exploitation by politicians to kill or rape women at their (politician’s) whims.

He called on the youth to disagree against the act with love. He said this while addressing the congregation during the ecumenical mass at Dr. John Garang’s Mausoleum on Sunday yesterday.

Archbishop Welby proclaimed that the young people in the country should be valued due to the fact that they are the majority, and the Country’s future and the presence relies on them.

He stressed that if young people are valued, their hope for peace would be listened to and their hope will shape the national priorities and that of the Church.

“We value young people. Young people, you are the majority of South Sudan. You are not just the future but also the present. You will not be deceived into war and forced to kill. You will disagree with others but still love them” he said.

The head of the Anglican Church said that it is always difficult to nurture faith during times of suffering, especially where there are disasters of all kinds.

“In the world of famine, thirst and of natural disaster, faith in God’s abundance is hard but when we are one, we value each other like we value the limps on our own bodies,’’ Justine said.

Welby further echoed that young people ought to open obedient patents with the love of God to change the broken society of South Sudan into the light.

He furthermore said that leaders through external sources would use their powers to create division among the society or choose to work for the society.

“Leaders have the powers to act on what others say. They can make the choice to listen or not. They can model valuing those who are different from them or they can create division. Being a Christian throws us into the fellowship of believers” he said.

Archbishop Welby said that differences in religion, tribe or race shouldn’t create disunity among South Sudanese but rather working together to change the broken nation should be the only focus for all.

“It doesn’t matter whether we are from different Countries, different tribes, and different churches. We are here as one family to share the knowledge of your suffering” he asserted.

He called on young men to honor women and work towards protecting them and their societal integrity.

“Young men, you will value and honor women. Never rape them, never be violent or be cruel and never use them simply to satisfy your sexual desire. When we are one, we value and honor women of South Sudan” he said.

He added that many women during the conflict have been living with trauma driven from sexual violence as well as daily fear of mistreatment even in their own households.

He commended South Sudanese women for having strength despite the hardships they undergo across the Country and their homes.

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