Cleric applauds three holy men for reinstating divided churches

By Bida Elly David

A religious leader at the Presbyterian church of South Sudan said, his denomination was delighted to witness the presence of the three God’s men despite their historical denominational differences that broke them away administratively.

Speaking to the media recently, Rev, James Makuei, the moderator said that the ecumenical visit of the three men of God to South Sudan was an indication that, affiliation among the three denominations within the Christian religion still exists despite the challenges.

He said that the pilgrimage by the trio would transform Christian religion to be a center of faith that focuses much on values that values humanity.

“The coming of the three church leaders will transform Christianity in South Sudan and we are now returning to the original church because our church was one at the time of the apostles and the Lord Jesus Christ,’’ he said

James echoed that the message from the three men of God have already manifested signs of moral values to South Sudanese who formerly rebel against unity and togetherness as pillars to societal benefits to mankind.

“The coming of the three signifies that our Christianity through the three denominations is recognized and we are no longer divided and God is with us,’’ he added

Furthermore, James underscored that peace pilgrimage would transform the political syndrome of division and discrimination into the element of unity and

“It will change our narrative and disarm hatred in our hearts as well as generates love, Unity, reconciliation and forgiveness,’’ he said

Moreover, he toothed out that the broken narrative of Christianity in South Sudan will be shaped according to the blessings poured by the evangelical encyclical of the holy men.

He called on all the Churches to follow the same unity exercised by the three holy men in strengthening the bones of Christian religion in South Sudan.

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