MPs to join Adil, VP Igga in Kajo-Keji over incident

By Mary Poni

MPs of Central Equatoria State assembly are expected to join Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony and the Vice President for Economic Cluster Dr. James Wani Igga in Kajo-Keji today.

The state parliamentarians and top leaders are anticipated to be taking part in mourning with the aggrieved people of Kajo-keji following the slaying of over 27 civilians in cattle related carnage.

State lawmakers are expected to fly to Kajo-Keji by today where the Central Equatoria State government temporally seats to ensure the cattle herders vacate the area to avoid more bloodshed.

 “As an executive and the legislatures, we are working together because it is a high-level committee and we will join the governor in Kajo-Keji today evening or Wednesday morning,” the deputy chairperson of specialized the committee for information Morris Andrea Lupe told Journalists yesterday in Juba.

Andrea said that the incident which happened on the eve of the Pope’s visit to Juba is what delayed the governor and state government delegation to go on the ground in Kajo-Keji.

“The government could have intervened immediately but because of the Pope coming to the country, it made the governor not to go on the very day of the incident since he (governor) was the host,” he said.

“We want to meet the community of Jonglei for the incident not to happen again. And the cattle have to be removed from Kajo-Keji because we are fed-up,” the lawmaker Lupe pronounced.

“Why do they target Central Equatoria?” he questioned.

“There would be a committee to be formed to deal with that. Though, we are not the one (legislatures). The leadership will decide on that. Until then we will see what to do,” he added.

Andrea said that the governor has the rights in taking decision anytime due to the security situation at that particular time since he is the one heading the executive body in the State.

Meanwhile, Vice President Dr. Igga arrived in Kajo-Keji yesterday also to grieve and console the people of Kajo-Keji over the loss of the 27 beloved members of the community.

Upon his arrival to the county headquarters Dr. Igga was received by Governor Adil and Commissioner Phanuel Duma.

He underwent security briefing by the Commissioner of Kajo-Keji County, Mr. Dumo, and the SSPDF military commander Brig. Gen. Malong Agat Athuai in the County Headquarters.

The VP was accompanied by deputy minister of Public Service, Julius Tabule and James Janka Duku, a politician from the area.

Also present during the reception was the minister of local government, Moro Isaac, minister of finance Viana Kakule, minister of road, Mawa Moses and the Commissioner of Kajo-Keji County, Phanuel Dumo.

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