Dr. Igga slams herders against using ‘freedom’ to kill citizens

By Bida Elly David

The Vice President for Economic Cluster Dr. James Wani Igga has slammed cattle herders against using freedom of movement to kill and displace innocent citizens from their own homes noting that every tribe across the Country bear ancestral land that needs to be valued.

He said this during their visit to Kajo-Keji following the brutal homicide that claimed lives of 25 citizens in the land.

Vice President Dr. Igga also warned citizens against blaming government amid failures to evict cattle keepers back to their places of origin saying that anyone who pours such blames is against national amnesty.

Speaking in Kajo-Keji on Tuesday, Dr. Igga said that calm has returned in most affected areas formerly shaken by the cattle herders.

He strongly warned cattle herders from other states over continuous attacks against host communities urging them to depart to their places of origin as stated in the Presidential Order issued in 2019.

Dr. Igga said that the disrespectful act of the herders against the government and citizens is a clear indication of total rebellion against their own authority noting that all tribes across the County bear ancestral land.

 “South Sudan is for all but it does not make sense if you forcefully enter into somebody’s house declaring forceful displacement. All South Sudanese whether being from the minority tribe have got their own ancestral land that needs to be respected,” he said.

The VP further said the national constitutional freedom of movement does not permit citizens from other states to forcefully kill or displace other citizens from their livelihoods with the intention of occupying space for certain purpose.

“Using constitutional freedom of movement to claim what is not yours is no longer freedom, its rather total destruction against humanity and properties in your own Country,” Dr. Igga noted.

He said that every South Sudanese participated fully either directly or indirectly in the national liberation struggle to claim their rights against foreign rivals thus civil rights deserved to be esteemed regardless of their background.

Dr. Igga called on Kajo-Keji citizens and those across South Sudan to embrace peace and use love as the only weapon to end hatred, envy and greed.

“Most of those coming to Kajo-Keji to destroy properties and kill people are rebelling against President Kiir’s government. For this reason, they have to take ways to cause chaos as a way to cause insecurity,” he said.

Dr. Igga commended the citizens of Kajo-Keji for valuing education making South Sudan a center of learning and urged them to focus in their developmental activities.

He finally echoed that with peace and forgiveness, citizens would be able to transform South Sudan into sustainable environment for all.

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