Kajo-Keji RRC appeals for urgent aid for displaced persons   

By Mary Poni

The Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) office in Kajo-Keji County is appealing for an urgent humanitarian aid to the displaced persons in Kajo-Keji County who were faced out of their homes due to the armed cattle herders’ atrocities that left 27 persons dead.

Kajo-Keji County RRC Coordination office is calling on the UN agencies especially the UNHCR, and World Food Program (WFP) including other well-wishers to run to the rescue of the suffering victims of the violence.

Keji Mary, assistant Coordinator of the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Kajo-Keji County said since the incident happened on 2nd February 2023, the locals are troubled as the RRC office has not yet gotten any support which can be given to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

She said in an interview in Kajo-Keji yesterday that the only support that was rendered might have come from individuals while partners are still working on their responds to come and assist the affected people.

“They (partners) have not yet really made it as urgent as needed, so our people are out there stranded without food while others are moving around looking for what to eat and RRC is as well struggling to look for them something to eat,” Mary said.

“We are urging the agencies and every well-wisher to support our people in Kajo-Keji,” she added.

She said they have relocated the IDPs to some centers, like the Baptist church in Wudu, Kajo-Keji Senior Secondary School, Bori, Lori, Kansuk and Rodo.

According to the RRC, there are about six centers for the Internally Displaced Persons in Kajo-Keji County.

“We compiled Rodo and Kansuk households, there are 279 with a population of 820, in Lori and Gaderu household, is 127 households with a population of 560 people. While in Baptist church in Wudu, there are 1,606 households with a population of 12,022, in Lire, there is about 1,159 households with a population of 15,120 and in Bori there is about 671 with the population of 3,418,” Keji Mary stated.

Mary said the aforementioned statistics is the average figure as of Saturday. She however noted that they have been getting some ongoing registrations in the centers.

 “We want the government to give us security to see that people are stabilizing in their County to stop people from moving out from the county. The major issue is the security so that our people cannot run out from the County,” she stressed.

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