Adil lauds Morobo returnees for abandoning camps 

By Mary Poni

The Governor of Central Equatorial State, Emmanuel Adil has lauded Morobo returnees for abandoning refugee camps and opting to voluntarily return to their ancestral land.

Addressing returnees in Morobo yesterday, governor Adil stated that his government will set strategies that can encourage county authorities to spearhead the voluntary return of refugees by engaging them in productive activities.

“I am commending the civil population for voluntarily returning to their places of origin” Adil said while addressing the people of Yei in Panyume, Morobo County headquarters and Kimba on Saturday.

Mr. Adil affirmed his administration’s commitment to working towards creating a favourable environment for the provision of essential services like healthcare and other social amenities across the state together alongside partners.

He also directed Yei County authorities to ensure unhindered timely access to humanitarian assistance for returnees and vulnerable populations as well as boost trade along the common borders.

Mr. Adil also appreciated the county authorities for enhancing civil-military relations in the area and called for continuous cooperation in sharing credible information, especially on cattle-related issues.

Governor was on a mission to inspect the security situation, he arrived in Morobo county from Kajo-Keji with his Cabinet though security is relatively calm, still, culprits are not brought to book to face justice as promised.

For his part, the Commissioner of Morobo County, Joseph Mawa briefed the top authority on the general security situation as relatively calm with the high influx of returnees returning from the refugee camps which is adversely triggered by the improvement of civil-military relations over the past few months.

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