Go-Green, City council battle payment of vendor

By Mary Poni

East Africa Go-Green garbage collection company and City council are facing rough moment over paying accumulated dues to a supplier of trucks for garbage collection in the City.

Yousuf Simon, the managing director of the Simon Trading Company told the media on Saturday that his company (Simon Trading Company) had an agreement with Go-Green over the littering garbage in the City.

Yousuf said he gave them, (Go-Green company) a loan of 2 million USD for the garbage collection and the waste management project.

According to the lender, Yousuf Simon, the loan is to be paid by Go-Green with a percentage of 35 from their daily revenue’s garbage collection income.

He said that Go-Green Ltd only paid four times which means only one month. Yousuf was disconnected by the beneficiary (Go-Green) from knowing how much money they collected daily, as well got blocked from the system and they (Go-Green) stopped paying the 35%.

“They wrote for me a letter with different means of their internal problems and through my legal adviser, I replied that there is no reason to stop repayment of loan otherwise what we have agreed in the loan agreement, the guarantee is collateral of the company” said Simon.

“so if you don’t pay the loan, I’m going to take an action, that’s why I acknowledged different ministries, governor including the Mayor before I took an action, I first opened a case to the court, I acknowledged him before one month” Yousuf stated.

“Mayor didn’t reply me until today, I tried to meet him but I did not get solution and I went to the court through my legal obligation and the court decided what I requested and when I went to implement with the court, Mayor refused to implement what was decided by the court” he cited.

“As the lender, I am still looking for justice and I believe in law” Simon noted.

Meanwhile the lawyer of the Simon Trading Company, Godfrey Victor added that the agreement between the company of the Go-Green and Simon Trading Company is not working according to the terms and conditions signed in the agreement.

Godfrey said that Go-Green Ltd took a loan from Simon trading company of about 2 million USD for establishment of garbage collection and in the agreement, Go-Green is expected to pay 35% from their daily garbage revenue but instead one month was paid, the rest are not paid.

He narrated that when Simon Trading Company Ltd filed a court case, Mayor went and stopped the process of the court.

Godfrey said that he told Mayor to differentiate between politics and law but he still remains optimistic that the process of the court will go on.

“We are hopeful that all the institutions in the government will stand with us” he said.

“If Mayor stopped the process of the court, from who will the Simon Trading get its rights? he asked.

“We don’t need problems with Mayor but we need our rights and let the process of the court go on” Victor stated. Adding that they (Simon Trading Company Ltd) will stop the trucks collecting the garbage.

On Thursday, they went to the Go-Green company to implement the order of the court to stop the trucks not to continue with their garbage collection, instead the City Mayor went to the site with his forces to lead the work to continue.

According to an attached file of court with ‘subject attachment of properties’ signed by Thomas Deng Jagu read that, “you are hereby directed by this court to seize the below properties until the court issue its final decision on the case (Civil Suit No.20/2023) to keep the properties within the jurisdiction of the court in accordance to article 155 Civil Procedure Act, 2007.

In a letter addressed on the 7th of February 2023, it stated that the Car in the attached list of (SSD 853 W up to SSD 099 BN), Furniture’s, two (2) Containers in the compound, one (1) Prefab used as office, Garbage Bin (street), Warehouse (store), All the Compound should not continue operating till the court case is ironed out.

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