Role of radio to community celebrated

By Milly Bayi Nyuga

World Radio Day, a day set aside to celebrate the importance of radio in society had journalists, supporters and the public gather yesterday to commemorate at University of Juba Custom campus.

Under the theme, “Radio and Peace”, the attendees discussed how important radio is in evoking the peace attitude and unity in the minds of the people of South Sudan.

“We are here to remind ourselves of the great commission of radio and what it has done to bring peace in our community,” Bullen Kenyi, the Chairperson National Press Club (NPC).

Among the many attributes to radio, he mentioned how they disseminate messages of peace while covering a wide audience in South Sudan.

Bullen Kenyi hinted on the need to spread awareness on the global issue of climate change through creating awareness programs especially via community radios

The Undersecretary of Ministry of Information, Yat Awan Yat encouraged the young people in attendance to dream. He believes that because these ideas can change society.

“If you have an idea, don’t stop talking about it until that message has been perceived.” The most important thing is how you will be beneficial to improve the situation of your country,” Yat Awan Yat said.

Stella Loki, one of the most celebrated radio personalities in the country and have a role model. “It is important to have somebody to look up to”

She emphasized the importance of being passionate about working radio, consistency in it, being patient and being a teachable person because of how the technology advances nowadays.

Stella Loki also highlighted the importance of hard work saying, “hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard”.

Ibasi Patricia, another experienced radio journalists emphasized to the young journalists including students to love their work.

“Have love for what you are doing. If you love what you are doing, it will take you somewhere.” She promised this as she gave her personal experience working in radio in South Sudan.

Nichola Mandil who chose to be a journalist because he wanted to tell the truth to the public “say out the truth to power” believes that radio plays a big role in promoting peace and co-existence.

He charged media houses in the country to strictly employ “competent journalists” to produce politically neutral programs, engage the public and find solutions to issues in the country.

To further make the day, the public, outstanding students and radio personalities were awarded including the most active and most contributing listeners.

Mr. Khamis Moses also known as Alonga Luworo was voted the most contributing listener at Sama FM and also voted overall as best listener. He walked away with 2 awards. In his excitement, he said,

“I am so excited; I didn’t expect it. It was luck. I thank my co-listeners for nominating me to become one of the winners – best listener. The public should keep listening to radio stations because they have reliable information.”

“I thank the radios especially Sama Fm for the nominations and award. Let them also extend their services to other states as well to get more listeners. Let the follow and listen to radio stations”.

World Radio Day is commemorated every year on 13th February to appreciate the role of radio in the community. Among them is informing and educating the community.

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