Sex worker in horror as business turns bitter

By Bida Elly David

A sex worker at Kubri-Haboba of Gudele two in the capital Juba has decried business challenge revealing that some horny men continuously resist payment of dues after thorough bed performance saying that the practice made them to demand payment before duty.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, the sex worker whose name was withheld for security reasons said that she resorted into the business following mistreatment imposed on her by her aunt.

She said that her evil aunt promised her a job in Maban but upon her departure for the offer, she was surprised to realize herself being sexually assaulted by rich old man with high position in different organizations.

She further echoed that entry into the commercial sex business was out of frustration since she had no relative to meet and cater for her demands.

The 26-year-old and a mother to two said that the business is hectic since the landlord charges them 4,500 SSP a day for the rooms they hire to run the business.

Moreover, she underscored that some men who turn up for sex flavours end up not paying dues for the operation rather acting violent in the course of demand for clearance.

Explaining about the business, the lady said that she could have ten customers a day with different sizes of manhood and styles on her.

She disclosed that at times walking becomes a challenge due to the force some energetic men use in the course of performance.

She termed some men as destroyers since they accumulate much energy as if they trained for sex competition on them whom are castigated to have failed in life.

The lady testified that most of her customers are phone-based clients who demand for meetings in hotels but the challenge was, they demand penetration without protectors and go for numerous rounds minus financial accountability terming it as discount.

“We charge 1,500 SSP for the first round since it is quick to run and 2,500 SSP for the second round since it takes long to come. But our challenge is that some men don’t pay us after the performance. Above all, some do us as if they are for competition” she said.

She stated that what pained her most was seeing women at her mother’s age selling their bodies instead of caring for their grandchildren.

The lady lamented that sometimes condoms break in the process of forceful penetration by energetic men making her to doubt of her health status.

She added that she severally fought men who forcefully demand for unprotected sex without clear status.

She further warned people against criticizing them on the business saying that most of them are safe but situations forced them to join the enterprise.

Meanwhile, on her part, Drabuga Dorothy, a gender-based expert cautioned the sex workers against the activity saying that it is a risky job that does not have guarantee.

She said that one organ cannot serve more than 10 clients with different morphology noting that there are different businesses for income generation apart from commercial sex.

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