Burglars break into ministry of education, walk away with items

By Emelda Siama John

The director of the examination for Central Equatoria State Ministry of General Education and Instruction Loro Nglo said burglars over the weekend broke into his office and walked away with office items.  

Speaking to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday Nglo said that the thieves broke into the office during the daytime when the staff had gone for a primary examination inspection.

“The thieves broke and took a laptop, 10 reams of papers, 60,000 SSP and boxes of chalk respectively. We never expected that thieves would come in to steal us” he said.

Nglo said that the ministry has since been under the guard of an old watchman who bears no energy to resist such circumstances.

He added that among other stolen items were sitting stools previously kept at the gender office.

Nglo further stated that the thieves were not identified due to the fact that none of the staff was at the ministry to safeguard the office items.

However, he echoed that they had already opened a court case for investigations to be carried out.

The examination director stated that the national ministry of general education and instructions has already been informed about the matter until analyses are carried out.

“We don’t really know why such things should happen to the ministry at such a moment. I went and opened a case at the police station for legal measures to be carried in case it may work” he said.

The Director said that upon their arrival on Monday, they surprisingly found the office in a distracted state disclosing that the main window of the office was broken.   

“We have the watchman but he is very old, I expect the office to bring for our police, not an old man, it’s like this is the third or second time that our office was been broken by thieves,” Nglo said.

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