Mayor defends self on ‘interfering’ in Go-Green court case

By William Madouk

Mayor of Juba city Council, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu has defended his interference in Go-Green court case, citing that the garbage service provider company cannot be ordered to cease operation unless if there is ill intention.

Addressing journalists yesterday, Allah-Jabu protested earlier directives from court that ordered seizing of company properties adding that the court case can continue while the Go-Green carry on it business.

“All over the world, the service provider companies cannot be stopped anyhow – be it by the court or by what.  …the court case can continue running and then the service provider can continue doing the job,” Allah-Jabu said.

“The issue of Simon trading and all that – is their internal problem, we have nothing to do with it but we are the partner in the contract [with Go-Green],” he added.

Allah-Jabu stressed that he will continue to defy an order that would slowdown the company from carrying out its activities.

“I am continuing, saying that this service will not be stopped unless if they are really working ill of our service. You can imagine if they are stopped – you can imagine what will be the situation in the city,” he said.

Mayor Allah-Jabu said, he has no knowledge on how East Africa Go-Green got money to procure the garbage trucks but only have 10 years deal tasking the latter with waste collections and city Council will own garbage-dumpers.

“We have contract with them [Go-Green] that is giving obligation and we will benefit from it – after 10 years those trucks are going to remain for us, after when they return their money,” Allah-Jabu narrated.

He added “We don’t know the scope when to return the money but we gave 10 years to return their money. They can return their money in one or two years but now we are surprised to hear that they are having internal problem.”

Mayor of Juba City said they were astonished when they heard that Go-Green wanted to sell out dumpers and stop collecting waste.  

“That is why we interfered ya jamma, we are part and parcel of this contract. So that they will not stop things without our involvement,” he echoed.

“Therefore, if there is any problem among them, we need to be there even in the court we need also to be in the court because we (have) legal advisors that have the copies of contract so we are part and parcel of that,” he lamented.

Juba city Mayor was reacting to Kator Payam Court directives dated February 7, 2023 which directed the police to seize the properties of Go-Green Company, 26 cars including two containers, garbage bins in street, Warehouse and prefab used as office. 

It all happen three days ago when East Africa Go-Green company limited has been dragged to court over the failure to pay 35 percent to the lending company, Simon Trading company as per the agreement.

Defending lawyer Godfrey Victor said that after East Africa Go-Green was given 2 million dollar as starting money for waste collection, and shall pay 35% from daily income to Simon Trading Company. Yet, Go-Green paid only one month and went silent.

Solicitor, Mr. Victor explained that when court case was filed against Go-Green, Mayor Allah-Jabu intervened and stopped the process of the court, adding that he informed Allah-Jabu to separate between law and politics.

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