Lack of traffic personnel increases road accidents in Yambio

By Alex Daniel Digi

Traffic Police authorities in Western Equatoria State capital Yambio said lack of personnel to control the traffic flow; movement of Motorbikes and Vehicles is increasing traffic accidents in the town.

Director of Traffic Police in Yambio, Col. Morris Bakura said there is an increase of traffic accidents recorded in the town due to reckless riding and driving by drivers and motorists, as a result uncontrolled traffic flow due to limited officers.

He however said they have a plan to deploy traffic personnel in all locations where they can be able to regulate the traffic flow by enforcing minimum speed level.

Bakura also called on drivers to limit their speed within the town to avoid causing incidents.

“The drivers and riders, please if you are in the town go slowly, you will still reach the destination, but if you go in high speed from today and cause accident we will overcharge the person, because if someone don’t listen then should be punished,” Bakura appealed.

He said they are going to crack down on reckless motorists who will violate the traffic rules and charge them double due to defiance.

“What we agreed on is, if our number is increased, we will deploy in all the corners or gathering to monitor the speed of the people if they see someone overspeeding, the person must be stopped and advised not to do that, but our number is less, this is what we set in the plan,” he said

The concern of inadequate regulation of traffic resulting to increase in road accidents emerged after one person was knocked dead by a speeding car last evening and another got injured in a separate incident in Yambio town.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) at 6:30 pm, a vehicle of Hon. Grace Datiro caused accident with someone called James Sai 45 years old who was riding Bike and the person died on spot,” Bakura said.

“There was another incident which happened, a bike knocked a bike, someone called Grace John 32 years old residing in Hi Kuze and is pregnant, she is admitted in the Hospital but her situation is normal so all the two suspects are with us in police Custody,” he narrated.

The director of traffic police in Yambio revealed that this year more than 5 death cases related to road accidents have been recorded in Yambio.

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