The era of free education and feeding is over- Akec

By Bida Elly David

The vice chancellor of the University of Juba is reiterating that days for free education and feeding for students at the public high institutions of learning are over noting that low tuition fees and provision of feeding can’t match.

This statement came following peaceful strike waged by the students of Bahr-El-Ghazal University over food shortage.

In a statement on his Facebook page yesterday, professor Akec, cautioned citizens against free things adding people should start exercising personal responsibilities than depending.

“A combination of large number of students, low tuition fees and feeding are not sustainable. We need to be realistic and face our brutal facts. The days of free education and free feeding are over. The days of personal responsibility are here to prevail,” he said.

University of Juba vice chancellor also slammed public University students against complete dependence on the government suggesting that they shoulder the responsibility of feeding themselves.

“I don’t speak on behalf of the government rather on my own ground on reality. The trends in many developing countries is cost sharing meaning higher fees from students and taking care of their education and free education,” Akec said.

He further added that hands of government without cooperation with the citizens cannot manage to offer free education and accommodation to students.

“Large number of students entering University nowadays will impose sustainable challenge as government will be forced to feed tens of thousands as opposed to a few hundred during my time,” he cited.

Prof. Akec stated that shouldering responsibility to oneself should not end with students but applied to everyone across the Country.

However, he further stated that things and privileges change with time as long as settings are done within their time frame.

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