Eleven Cattle raiders arrested in Panyinjinar County

By Yien Gattuor Mead

Authorities in Panyinjinar County of Unity State said they have arrested eleven (11) men as suspects to help in the investigation of cattle raiding that occurred in Lake State last week.

Gabriel Majok Bol, the Commissioner of Panyinjinar County told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Friday that the suspected armed youth from Panyinjinar County allegedly looted cattle from Lakes State last week.

“The authorities in Panyinjinar County collected 16 cows from the hands of Criminals, they are now in the Headquarter and now we remain with 26 cows because the total number of cows is 42, which was brought from Lakes state,” he said.

“These 11 people who went and attacked Lakes State will not be released soon, because they are creating problem among the communities of Panyinjinar and Lakes State,” commissioner Majok noted.

“The police have arrested the 11 suspected men connected to the cattle raiding in Lakes State last week,” he said adding “The investigation will not take place now because some of the suspected youths are still in the forest, up to now.”

“The details of investigation will come when we arrest all the remaining 39-armed youth that are linked to attacks in Lakes State, now we identified those who are creating insecurity among the two States, Unity State and Lakes State. We are still looking for them to arrest them and investigate the reason why they are creating insecurity among the two sister communities,” he continued.

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