Mundari community told to educate youth and stop violence

By Bida Elly David

An intellectual from the Mundari community has cautioned his people against using youth as tools for grazing and violence saying that young people especially girls should be trained to transform the county into a better place.

This development came during thanks giving ceremony for the success of one of Mundari intellectual who attained distinction of doctorate in philosophy of high education.

John Lujang who hails from the Mundari community and recently graduated with a distinction in Philosophy of high education (PHD) criticized his community against valuing cattle to humanity.

Lujang was speaking in Terekeka over the weekend in a thanks giving prayers organized in honor of his academic excellent achievement.

“My message to the Mundari community is that, it is time to educate the young ones. We should stop the tendency of using them as cattle keepers instead of building them to become future leaders. This Country needs competent leaders and Mundari youth can do that if given the chances,” he said.

Dr. Lujang also raised a concern about utilization of cows for marrying premature girls who would have been enrolled to attain good education noting that educating a girl is educating a mother and the nation.

He also called on the Mundari community to avoid killing one another, burning houses imposing suffering to the people.

“Mundari community, I am kindly urging you to stop killing one another because of cows. Stop burying yourselves as if you are animals. We should respect one another. Try to raise one another from falling down the ground,” he said.

“Let us educate our girls and distant ourselves from grazing our cattle for marriages. It is the right time to wake up from your dream and build Terekeka a positive environment for all. We need to change the Terekeka into an economic center for all,” he said.

Dr. Lujang said that transforming Terekeka into a developed County would require a joint effort from all the citizens through engaging young people into education.

He added that learning may take a process but it is fundamental and a center for civilization and development for those who need it.

Testifying about tragedies he faced, Dr. Lujang said that he battled paying school fees in the absence of his parents during the civil war.

He advised orphans to prioritize education and embark on reading books for better tomorrow of their families and the nation.

Dr. Lujang echoed that his success in education was not because he was paid or enrolled by his parents but due to the commitment he had towards learning as well as transforming his nation and family into better place.

Speaking at the same occasion, Warnyang Buyu, the Commissioner of Terekeka County warned youth of crimes against humanity telling them to build the county for the next generation.

He said that the future belongs to the young people who will voluntarily accept to put down guns and focus in developing the County.

He demonstrated his commitment towards helping youth to attain their destiny calling them to cooperate with the government at all levels.

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