Peace Parties told to accomplish pending tasks within roadmap

By Bida Elly David

A Civil Society activist has called on peace parties to R-ARCSS to re-double their efforts in gaining the confidence and trust of citizens towards delivering the pending tasks for the R-ARCSS that were not delivered in the three years’ transitional period warning that the extended roadmap might be wasted.

In a statement extended to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, the executive director of the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), Mr Edmund Yakani, said that there is a deficit in trust and confidence among political parties keeping the implementation of the agreement hostage.

“Political parties need to change political attitudes. If they don’t change their political attitudes as parties by making sure that they meet the timeline agreed upon, genuinely and with trust, we end up having the 24 months ending like the 36 months,” he said

Yakani said that any political thoughts of extending another lifespan for the transitional government may not work since civil patience and the will to do it may upset them.

“Any failure within the 24 months is a clear demonstration of lack of political will and lack of political commitment to transforming the Country from violence to peace. We need to see urgent action to be undertaken by the political parties,” he appealed

Mr Yakani however commended political parties for having told the citizens about the official deadline for the transitional period.

“I would like to appreciate political parties for informing the citizens that the transitional period is ending on the 22nd –of February and the Countdown for the extended period of 24 Months is starting on the 23rd of this Month which is a very good indicator,” said.

CEPO’s executive director further suggested that the political leadership from various parties should have a roundtable meeting and agree to deliver transitional action that will turn the Country from the bandage of bloodshed to total freedom.

Activist Yakani said that political parties should prioritize the reconstitution of the electoral commission, political party council, and the constitutional review commission, the redeployment of the unified graduated forces and the enrolment of the second phase of the unified forces among other pending tasks.

“As a civil society activist, I wish to see political party attitude change and demonstration of political commitment, renewal of political pledge for transitioning the Country from tragedies to amity,” he said

Mr. Yakani also called free civic space for free interaction and expression of speech without the imposition of restrictions in either way.

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