Security organs, Mayor directed to fish out brutal city crooks

By Bida Elly David

The governor of Central Equatoria State has ordered mayor Allah-Jabu and other security organs in the state to immediately fish out brutal crooks causing security threats to the civil population in Juba city.

This development came during a meeting between the governor and city mayor following a deadly saga waged by a group of boys at Juba Na Bari leaving one person dead and others injured.

The major aim of the directives was to plant security vigilance by mitigating crimes through apprehension of the organized group of gangs threatening the citizens using weapons.

Speaking during the meeting at the state secretariat, Governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony, stated that the city’s security situation remains shaken due to the attacks waged by the organized gangs against innocent civilians in Juba.

Adil pointed out that reports from residential areas revealed random attacks, robbery, torture, theft and killings suggesting that the city authority needs to intervene with immediate effect to quell the tragedies before escalation.

The Governor also reaffirmed his Government’s commitment towards keeping Juba City clean, safe and green through Juba City Council and directed Mayor to work with all stakeholders to reinforce law and order in the City following the recent rampage triggered by the water tankers association.

Meanwhile, H.W mayor Michael Lado Allah-Jabu briefed the top authority on the general security situation as relatively calm despite the incident in Juba Na-Bari which culminated in the loss of lives as perpetuated by some criminal gangs in the area.

Mayor Allah-Jabu also briefed the governor on their sustained efforts towards the beautification of streets and road network opening.

Allah-Jabu underscored that his administration has also laid a market strategy to fight inflation and increase production through an affirmative market matrix.

Furthermore, on the recent sit-down strike that was triggered by the water tankers association, Mayor Michael Lado Allah-Jabu confirmed to the State leadership of their amicable resolution to the issue and urged them to continue providing clean drinking water to the people.

A tragic incident of gunfire on Monday left one person killed and another injured as a result of a fierce confrontation between robbers who attempted to forcefully take a bike from a boda-boda rider in the Juba Na-Bari neighbourhood.

The Mayor on Monday positively rushed to the scene of the incident to quell the situation and urged citizens to cooperate with the security and local authorities to avoid further tragedies for civil safety.

Allah-Jabu warned young boys against robbery and killing and promised not to render compromise to any group of peers or thieves that would be apprehended in criminal acts against civilians.

On his part, Deputy Chief of Juba Na-Bari Division Prof. Peter Kot Mian said security is everyone’s responsibility. He calls on citizens of Juba City to cooperate with police departments to report suspects inside residences.

A few weeks ago, police authorities in Juba reported cases of boda-boda boys being robbed and killed at night by unknown gunmen.

The tragedies have planted fear in the civil population in Juba making it hard for them to access night businesses and movement since their lives are at risk.

The police also apprehended over 40 gang groups and detained them to await trial in court against their evil practices.

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