Kiir dedicates ‘Royal’ honoring to faceless peacemakers

By William Madouk

President Salva Kiir has dedicated his recent Royal honouring by the King of the Collo Kingdom to faceless thousands of peacemakers whose work goes unnoticed despite their role in bringing peace and serene existence in the country.

On Saturday, his majesty King of Collo, Reth Kwongo Dak Padiet organized a colourful festivity to honour President Kiir for his effort in bringing lasting peace to the country, including his Kingdom.

Speaking during the Royal honouring event at Dr John Garang Mausoleum, President Kiir accepted the honour and dedicated it to those peacemakers who are working diligently behind the scene.

“I thank you for honouring me in this event. Your Majesty, I accept this honour on behalf of those who are working for peace both at national and grassroots levels,” said the head of state.

“I dedicate this honour to faceless thousands of peacemakers across South Sudan whose work goes unnoticed every day despite the role they play in maintaining peaceful co-existence within their communities and beyond”. President Kiir noted.

The President also stated that the government will provide durable peace and stability in restive areas across the country.

“To the people of Collo Kingdom and all the citizens of this country, I would like to assure you that the government will do its best to restore stability in areas affected by violence,” Kiir echoed.

“I am calling upon you to do your part in maintaining social harmony both within your communities and with your neighbours,” he added.

The Head-of-state called on citizens to respect traditional authorities and allow the stored wisdom of these revered institutions to guide them on how to relate to one another within communities and neighbours.

For his part, his Majesty, King of Collo – Reth Kwongo Dak Padiet acknowledged the role played by the Government, adding that a lot must be done to restore social harmony and peace among communities through economic development in the country.

Moreover, King Padiet underscored that traditions and customs have a central role in peace-making because they have inbuilt processes for reconciliation, healing and peace.

Meanwhile, the King of Anyuak Kingdom His Majesty Akwei Agada Akei appealed to the youth to shun violence and embrace peace for stability to foster development in the country.

King Akei enticed Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees to come out of camps and return back to their respective communities to work for peace across the country.

The Royal honouring ceremony was held under the theme “Peace and Stability.” And it was attended by Collo youth, women, elders and intellectuals among other communities. 

According to the King of Collo, the event is about the importance of reconciliation, healing, peace and social harmony among the people of South Sudan.

The King said peace and reconciliation will enable people to go back to their homes, and recreate their lives and dignity.

The Royal Honoring of President Kiir is also for the extension of the two-year transitional period, as the countries search for lasting peace, rather than going back to war.

On early December 2022, the King of the Collo Kingdom has been airlifted to Juba from Fashoda by the government after being threatened with beheading by armed groups.

President Salva Kiir earlier narrated that after they had learnt of life threats against the Collo King, he sent a rescue mission team who successfully airlifted him to the capital, Juba.  

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