At least 87 students to be flown to Ethiopia for vocational training

By Bida Elly David

The government of Federal Republic of Ethiopian has offered 87 scholarships for South Sudanese students to undertake technical vocational training (TVT) in variety of fields out of 210 students liable for admission.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Ethiopian envoy to South Sudan, Nebil Mahdi said that the 87 students shall be flown to Ethiopia for their immediate enrollment.

Ambassador Nebil said that education is not only focused on theories but also in transforming what is being studied into practical aspect.

He said that the students who applied for the scholarship took different areas of their specialization based on the training desire they deserve to undertake.

“Most companies these days are much focused on skills for development. For example infrastructure, mechanics, building, electricity, is catering among others. If you don’t have skills, it will be hard to compete in employment field,” he said

The Ethiopian top diplomat in Juba underscored that the scholarship came into existence through bilateral ties between the government of Ethiopia and South Sudan with high guarantee of increasing the number of students yearly.

He added that all the scholarship rendered to South Sudanese students were free of charge without additional costs on the beneficiaries.

Ambassador Nebil said that his government and South Sudan have taken education as the key sector to develop a nation.

“We offer free education without charges according to the agreement between our government and South Sudan. We value education and want this young nation to develop through young people,” he said.

The Ethiopian Ambassador said that the 2023 scholarship program of the 210 students has been classified into 3 segments consisting of the technical vocational training, undergraduate and post graduate programs in education.

“We are flying the vocational students next tomorrow and next week we shall have a farewell for the group of undergraduate students who shall also take off and finally conclude with the post graduate students,” Nabil explained.

On his part, Gak Jacob Deng the coordinator for training and external relation at the ministry of higher education science and technology appreciated the Ethiopian government for the offer and advised the students to be discipline upon arrival for their studies and urged them to put much focus on their goals.

He said South Sudan would always be ready to partner with Ethiopia in different areas of concern.

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