Peace monitors blow R-TGoNU over delays of constitutional process

By Bida Elly David

The chairperson of the Revitalized Joint Monitoring and evaluation commission (RJMEC) has punched government against delays over completion of the constitutional making process and other pending bills saying that the delays undermine the progress of the process.

Speaking during the 27th– plenary of the R-JMEC in Juba yesterday, Gen. Charles Tai Gituai, the interim chairperson of RJMEC said that the delays dictate the success of the constitutional making process and blocks the journey for democratic elections.

“In RJMEC assessment, the RTGoNU is away behind the schedule set in the roadmap and a lot of work remains to be done. There is an urgent need for all of us starting with the RTGONU to take deliberate steps to implement the critical pending tasks,” Charles said

Gituai further said critical timelines have been missed in the implementation of governance tasks in the roadmap.

“According to the roadmap, by now all the political party’s council and the national election council should have been reconstituted. These are the two critical bodies required for the process of conducting credible elections,” he said

He stressed that by now, the RTGONU should have completed restructuring and reconstituting various commissions and institutions at national level.

Charles underscored that no other security progress with the unification of the necessary unification of the forces has been reported since last month’s meeting.

“The completion of the unification of forces is a critical roadmap task should not be allowed to fall any further behind the timeline established by the parties themselves,” he said.

Gituai reiterated that disarmament and demobilization programs to reintegrate former combatants to civil allies has not yet started and he appealed to regional and international partners assist RTGONU in the process.

R-JMEC interim chair said it was disappointing to note the recent homicide in Kajo-Keji and the conflict in Upper Nile that left many dead and hundreds displaced.

“In this case, a lot of lives and displacement of civilians have been realized. It is the responsibility of R-TGoNU to restore permanent and sustainable peace, security and stability in the Country,” he said.

He recommended quick move for the African Union and the RTGONU to speedily establish the hybrid court in South Sudan to mitigate crimes.

However, Gen. Gituai also underscored the need for the RTGoNU to pay ten (10) months arrears that made national peace monitors of the ceasefire monitoring body boycott activities.

“I am informed that the members of the other security mechanisms, the NCAS and the JRC have also not been facilitated. I appeal to RTGoNU to immediately provide funds for the peace national monitors and the national members,” he urged.

Gituai commended president Kiir for his recent meeting with the IDPs saying that it is crucial for them to develop courage and hope to return to their livelihoods.

He suggested need for the RTGoNU to strengthen the anti-corruption commission to ensure that malpractices within the public sector are mitigated.

On his part, Guang Cong, deputy head of the UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) made a call for the government to prioritize civic space and give room for safety to humanitarian workers across the Country.

He said that UNMISS remains committed in supporting the government towards the peace process but urged for commitment and will to quell violence and random displacement of civilians.

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