Adil laid foundation stone for Juba County Headquarter

By Emelda Siama John

The governor of Central Equatoria State, Governor Emmanuel Adil has officially laid the foundation stone for the construction of Juba County Headquarter in Luri Payam, west of the state and national capital city Juba.

Adil yesterday laid the foundation stone for the headquarters construction in the tenure Eng. Charles Joseph Wani the sitting commissioner of Juba County.

 “We come here today because of two things, the beginning of the visits of the government of the county and the youth, secondly to open the foundation stone for the construction of Juba County Headquarter,” he said.

The Central Equatoria State, said that, this year they have dedicated as government to be the year of peace in South Sudan, and they want to inform every county that the fighting should stop.

“Our motto is how to stop the fight and peace should prevail between our civilians (in) this country, so that we can able to build our life new,” he said.

“I want to thanks every civilian in Juba because they have stood with the government of the county and the government of South Sudan in every situation, and because presidential office and the office of the county stayed in Juba County,” he noted.  

Adil however underlined that there is a problem of lands grabbing which comes in two ways, that’s population explosion within Juba because it’s a capital city that lead to increase number of people in Juba, stating that the value of land went higher and this is the challenge that people of Juba face.

“We want to address these (issue) of land grapping as chief, if you were given a piece of land build it so that they know the place have the owner, because there are grabbers in amidst of every community and I want to assure you that everyone who have document of the land should prepare before the rain Season,” he stated.

Governor Adil said he stopped the issuance of token, because he don’t want someone to take some people lands illegally.

“So that we continue the distribution of lands in the right way and all the chiefs of the communities should cooperate with us,” he urged.

Adil also acknowledged that the issue of cattle is very big problem in the state and that he issued order that every cattle should be evacuated to their places of origin saying some cattle have already gone back to their original places.

The governor however called for collective efforts in driving from all stakeholders to drive the cattle back to their original lands

“It’s our duty as government, commissioner, chiefs, youth leader together with women leader to evacuate the cattle back to their original places one by one but peaceful,” he said.

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