Police detain suspects in murder of pregnant girl in Yirol

By Yang Ater

Local authorities in Yirol East County of Lakes State said area police have on Thursday arrested and detained unspecified number of men who reportedly beat and condemned their impregnated sister to dead in Yirol East County.

Other close relatives of the deceased girl and the man who impregnated her are also said to have been held by the police for questioning on the same.

The incident occurred in Adior Payam of Yirol East County on Thursday, according to the authorities.

Executive director of Yirol East county in Lakes State, Dhuor Apiu told No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday that the police managed to apprehend the brothers and other close family members of the impregnated girl who was beaten to death.

He further stated that the incident occurred on Thursday when the angry brothers who are currently under police custody for investigation decided to beat their pregnant sister to dead.

“The government has intervened to apprehend all the brothers including the man who impregnated the girl, and now they are all in police custody for investigation” he said.

Apiiu said before the incident happened, the impregnated girl was taken to the local Chief and it was the chief that surrendered the girl to her parents after they demanded her to be returned home.

“When this girl got pregnant, she was taken before the local court, but she refused the marriage, and they demanded her return to them. So, the chief immediately surrendered the girl back to her parents and this is where the brothers took and they beat her to dead”, he lamented.

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