Cattle herders kill five in Wuji payam

By Kiden Stela Mandela 

An attack in Limuro center of Lainya county yesterday afternoon left five people dead and 10 others wounded when cattle herders entered Limuro trading centre.

The pastoralists from Bor first entered into the barrack and what they deliberated on in the barrack is not known by the community.

The cattle herders entered the Limuro market and immediately indiscriminatingly shot on people killing 5 and 10 people were confirmed wounded, one person is still not found.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on phone yesterday, the Community Chairman of Wuji Payam Oliver Bataili stated that “on the 26 of last month, we lost one person who was shot by a cattle herder from Bor, in 2021 May, we lost 7 people who were shot by cattle herders from Terekeka, so far in the period of two years, we have lost around 13 people due to the issue related to pastoralists and this is happening at the time when the government is implementing the revitalize peace agreement.”

“It also happened in a time when the Central Equatoria government has launched a campaign for the pastoralists to go to their original places through gubernatorial orders and presidential decree.”

“The community this time is in total confusion and does not know where to go because since the signing of the CPA in Naivasha, communities have not rested in this country and we continue to experience all the atrocities in Wuji payam, we could not see government forces on ground and these pastoralists move with heavy guns such as RPG, AK47 and many others,” Bataili said.

The government did not even ask where they found these guns from, neither arrested them like any other community. As chairman, we have written a lot of memos but nothing is done, we are very disappointed, the governor should have not left to Juba before the cattle herders moved back to their origin.

Meanwhile Chol Garang, Chairman of the Bor cattle herders told No.1Citizen Daily Newspaper on phone interview that, “I’m not aware of what happened but what I know is that these cattle keepers will be out of the Central Equatoria land in 10 days of this month”.

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