Legislator ready to face speaker in court against corruption

By Bida Elly David

A lawmaker at the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly (R-TNLA) has demonstrated readiness to face the Speaker of the national assembly Nunu Kumba in court of law against stolen money meant for the August House.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, Juol Nhomngek, a parliamentarian at the R-TNLA said that he has all the necessary evidence that proves that the speaker has fully involved in the monetary scandal.

“If the speaker is arranging to go to the court, I will be waiting to go and see whether that money was taken or not. That was not a false accusation because she doesn’t have any mandate to give money to those people but the money was taken from the parliament,” he said.

Juol said that he has over seven parliamentarians as witnesses to prove that truly the speaker played a bigger role in the financial scandal of the parliament.

Lawmaker Juol vowed not to hide any truth based on confidential grounds since it is concerning public matters saying that he is not afraid of any threat from corrupt officials who don’t prioritize public interest.

“I cannot fear something which is right and the accusation is true. If that is the option instead of accounting for the resources of the public she opted to go to court, many evidences will come out not that one only,” he said.

He further revealed that members of parliament at the R-TNLA have not yet received their salaries yet it was released for legislative remuneration.

He said that out of the banks that MPs bear their salary accounts with, only one bank that is Nile Commercial Bank has confirmed availability of salary deposits while other banks across the Country read zero balance of salary deposition for legislators.

However, he pointed out that reports from the accounts section revealed that the person responsible for the remuneration of the MPs travelled to Kenya leaving the paper in the locker.

“The parliament is full of many problems especially issues dealing with mismanagement. We have so many photos. It is not something secret and it is open thus I am ready to be in the court for the court to find out the evidence,” Juol revealed.

He said that he will not, without fear or favor keep quiet over facts about what serves the interest of the public saying that he is ready to leave the parliament on the fact that concerns the rights of the citizens.

The parliamentarian also revealed another report that the speaker took the parliamentarian money to the black market for unknown reason.

Moreover, he slammed the chair of the information committee at the T-NLA against speaking on behalf of the speaker saying that he was only a subordinate seeking for political subsidy.

He rubbished Agany’s report on the account of saying that he was found guilty following former facts he revealed against parliamentary top head on scandal.

“The top leadership of the parliament is conspiring with the executive to distort the agreement. I was severally threatened on what happened to the parliament. So, over seven MPs will go to the court to witness the facts,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Agany in his response said that investigation concerning the allegations against the speaker is under way and if the speaker is going to open a case against the accused, it would be on individual ground.

He said that what the MP did by accusing the speaker being a public figure was false saying that the findings will justify the results of the scandal.

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