We need to protect our minerals from foreign thieves

By Bida Elly David

The Vice President for Infrastructure Cluster, Taban Deng Gai has warned concerned ministries of investment and mining against giving room to foreign crooks involved in exploiting the Country’s natural resources secretly for individual benefits.

This development came during the launching of BTC Global gold refinery Company on exploitation of gold for South Sudan economic reforms.

Speaking during the launch, Taban Deng said that South Sudan minerals especially the gold among others are at risk of exploitation as foreign business crooks flock in to steal leaving the Country in economic turmoil.

Deng said that the two ministries ought to prioritize the mining and tourism sectors as pillars to strengthen South Sudan future economy as oil shall no long take lead in global market.

The VP for Infrastructure Cluster said that many parts across the Country contain several minerals if geological studies are carried to simple tracking.

Giving historical narrative concerning SPLM military prosperity, Taban said that it was financial collections generated from the sale of gold that helped the movement to get ammunitions for the liberation.

“There are Mafias in the gold producing areas mainly Somalis and they were and are the ones selling gold to other Countries especially Kenya and Uganda. When you want to buy the gold from them, they increased prices. We didn’t know where they got their money from,” he cited.

Deng called on youth to establish petty companies for the supply of minerals to other countries through large foreign companies with the aim of strengthening their local economy and generate income to improve their standard of living.

He called on foreign existing companies to render loans to the young generation to promote domestic industries to boost development in South Sudan.

Moreover, Taban Deng urged the Ministry of Investment to only give room for legal investors who have the will to invest in any sector of their choice provided that their operations are centered within restriction of the Country’s laws.

“We need investors to legally come and operate in South Sudan. This is because the more we tax them, the more we generate revenues to improve our education, infrastructure and other sectors of the economy,” he noted.

The VP however said that major focus should be invested towards investing in the agricultural sector since the mining sector is just like oil that will varnish some times to come.

“The important sector to us is agriculture because gold is a decreasing resource just like oil which will finish one day but agriculture and tourism will never finish. We need our investors to focus on agriculture and tourism,” he added.

Deng pointed out that there are multiple embassies in South Sudan with numerous diplomats in need of recreational Centers therefore tourism would boost collection of revenues to the government.

On his part, William Aliga, director general for technical service at the ministry of mining demonstrated their commitment towards improving the mining sector.

He said that plans to invite more investors to venture into the mining sectors are underway.

He commended BTC Global company for having accepted to operate in South Sudan to improve the mining sector.

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